14 September 2010


 Magnus Magnusson photography

goal: look more into http://www.flickr.com/photos/tamgutlich/4924077712/in/photostream/  has some good ideas as far as lighting and simplicity for fashion shots. havnt decided if i thoink somewhat mediocre and average
bleh school. procrastinatig on an American Lit assignment about the tenets of puriatanism. best go do that. 
oh and i signed up for fashion classesat academy of art yesterday!! wish me luck i get nto my 1st choice: fashion merchandising. i chose fashion styling as my alternative. i think it will be good to explore that field and what i can contribute to fasion. im still uneasy about what particular skills i do possess.  hm. and hopefully second semester ill take a class on architecture. finally spreading my wings and broadening the horizons while still in highschool ! :). go me.
(ps: wierd word i found the other day that was someone's screename that inspires me to imagine: moomintroll 
 what a serendipity to explore the depths of that word.  ) 

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