28 August 2010

sweden= biggest dream and goal

The selby in your place: (my fave pictures from houses, oh sweet escapism)



    i LOVE switzerland officially!  i want to live there.  I believe it's meant to be; it's fate.  First, I'm always dreaming of switzerland and germany. 2) happiest people on earth there. 3) saw fashion blog of model who lives there.. loved scenery shots and just whole atmosphere. 4) NOW i ruin into a photographer who i love the vibe of his posts, great eye for the extraordinary in small details. Editorial and vintage at times and a consecutive theme.  His blog is: Fashionbitsandbobs.  Go FIGURE: he lives in sweden too! ha! these people are so me.  i really do hope i move there after college... doing what i'm niot so sure? some art director on photo shoots. something where i can tell what looks good as far as art and photos.  maybe at a gallery accepting and rejecting certain images. hmph i cant believe i deleted my xanga.   oh and found an amazingling cute 1960s dress thatrt im going to go get altered rto fit me i believe! :)
magazines remember subscribe to:  Acne paper, Lula, Test Mag, and Grey.  yes!!!! :) vintage people that have creativity.. makes me very happy inside to have same taste as some people

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